Stamp Mill for Gold Mining

A stamp mill is a type of grinding machine that crushes material by pounding rather than grinding, either for further processing or for extraction of metallic ores. Breaking material down is a type of unit operation. Nowadays, in some developing countries, stamp mills are used to crush gold-bearing rocks and other rocks. Lots of customers have asks questions about stamp mill for gold mining. And then, let us focus on more details of stamp mill for gold mining, this common type of gold ore grinding machine.
Outlook of Gold Mining Industry
Open-pit gold mines offer a relatively convenient working environment for gold mining, so the grinding plants can work near the pit. As we all know, gold price has been rising steadily. In recent years, local governments in some developing countries have employed economic means and finical support to local gold producer. And they have paid a great attention to the exploration of new gold mines. Due to these reasons, every year, local gold producers import lots of gold mining equipment from China or other places. Among all types of gold mining equipment,  stamp mills are favored by many gold investors. In the long term, the role of gold in the economy will become more important, therefore, investing the gold mining industry always attracts a lot of gold investors.
Working Process of Stamp Mill for Gold Mining
The  miner would bring the gold ore to the stamp mill and load it into the ore car. The heavy ore car would be brought up to the stamp mill for gold mining on a tram-track by the aid of a winch. Once the gold ore is at the top of the mill, the car will be emptied on to a screen called a ‘grizzly.’ The ‘grizzly’ is a metal grate with separators about 2 inches apart (about the distance of the claws on the paw of a grizzly bear). Smaller material will fall through the screen and into the ore chute while larger material would slide across the ‘grizzly’ into the crusher. The larger pieces of ore passing into the crusher will remain until they were pounded into a workable size (less than 2 inches) then fall into the ore chute. The ore, now about the size of a course gravel will slide on to the heavy metal plates under the stamp battery where water would be poured on.
Price and Cost of Stamp Mill for Gold Mining
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